This is caused by a either a corrupt QBDataServiceUserXX, disabled QBDataServiceUserXX, or if the password has been changed. QBDataServiceUserXX is a user that quickbooks creates to authenticate and start a service called QuickbooksDBXX. The service is responsible for managing access to the data in the company file. It can also cause multiuser issues if it is not running properly.

I got tired of running through the steps on the Intuit website so I whipped up this quick batch script. This will set a new password on the QBDataServiceUserXX account and restart the QuickBooksDBXX service.

@echo off
set newpass=%random%%random%%random%
echo Setting new password on QBDataServiceUser20...
net user QBDataServiceUser20 %newpass%
echo Setting password on service...
sc config "QuickBooksDB20" obj= ".\QBDataServiceUser20" password= "%newpass%"
echo Starting QuickBooksDB20 service...
net start QuickBooksDB20