How-to automate changing permissions on ALL GPOs in a domain via script. Microsoft provides sample scripts for changing permissions on all GPOs. The steps are outlined below describe how to change permissions on all GPO objects in a domain.

  • Download and install the Group Policy Management Console
  • Download and install the Group Policy Management Sample Scripts
  • Open a command prompt, change directory to the newly install sample script folder and run the update permissions script. You need to run these scripts with the Windows cscript utility:
    cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Group Policy\GPMC Sample Scripts"
    cscript GrantPermissionOnAllGPOs.wsf "Some Group" /Permission:FullEdit /


  • Select “Y” at the following prompt, this may take awhile depending on how many GPO objects you have configured in your environment:
    GrantPermissionOnAllGPOs.wsf Warning
  • Done.