Smartview 11, user complains that Hyperion tab in Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010 has disappeared.

  1. Check that the plug is not disabled in Excel.
  2. Close Excel
  3. Create %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins
  4. Copy HsAddIn.dll, HsSpread.dll, HyperionSmartTag.dll and HsTbar.xla from c:\Hyperion\SmartView\bin over to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins
  5. Unregister each of the existing DLLs by running <pre>regsvr32 /u c:\Hyperion\Smartview\bin\NAMEOF.dll</pre>
Run this command once for each of the copied DLLs.</li> 

  * Register each of the copied DLLs by running 
    <pre>regsvr32 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins\NAMEOF.dll</pre>

  * Re-Open Excel and the Hyperion tab should be visible again</ol>