• Install 2008 R2 Core
  • Run sconfig: set network settings, enable remote desktop, rename computer, & reboot
  • Run sconfig: join to yourdomain.com, & reboot
  • Create c:\unattend.txt, modify as necessary <pre class="brush: plain; title: ; notranslate" title="">[DCINSTALL] InstallDNS=yes ConfirmGC=yes RebootOnCompletion=yes ReplicaDomainDNSName=domain.com ReplicationSourceDC=somedc.domain.com UserName=administrator UserDomain=domainhere Password=adminpasswordhere ReplicaOrNewDomain=replica DNSDelegationUserName=administrator DNSDelegationPassword= DatabasePath=”C:\windows\NTDS” LogPath=C:\windows\NTDS” SYSVOLPath=”C:\windows\SYSVOL” SafeModeAdminPassword=putADRestorePasswordHere


  • Run the follwing from the command prompt:
    c:\>dcpromo /unattend:c:\unattend.txt
  • Server will install AD, DNS, become a replica, and reboot.