Hyperion SmartView tab disappears from Excel

Smartview 11, user complains that Hyperion tab in Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010 has disappeared.

  1. Check that the plug is not disabled in Excel.
  2. Close Excel
  3. Create %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins
  4. Copy HsAddIn.dll, HsSpread.dll, HyperionSmartTag.dll and HsTbar.xla from c:\Hyperion\SmartView\bin over to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins
  5. Unregister each of the existing DLLs by running
    regsvr32 /u c:\Hyperion\Smartview\bin\NAMEOF.dll

    Run this command once for each of the copied DLLs.

  6. Register each of the copied DLLs by running
    regsvr32 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins\NAMEOF.dll
  7. Re-Open Excel and the Hyperion tab should be visible again

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